For Fall

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full swing and I feel like I’ve looked at every listing. I always have a hard time with thinking about what I want to wear in the next season when I’m so obviously in the current season. For this reason, I try and think of staple pieces that I can wear regardless of season.


Crosshatched Faux Leather Shoulder Bag, Ted Baker London, Sale $76.90, After Sale $129

This minimalist crossbody feels perfect for my trip to London in November. Many times I’ll leave the house without a purse, but when I do need one I prefer it to not be too bulky.


Scented Candle Set, diptyque, Sale $55, After Sale $75

Being an engaged person, I have several upcoming events that will be hosted in my honor. I love the idea of giving one of these famous candles to my generous hostesses.


‘Jolette’ Penny Loafer, SARTO by Franco Sarto, Sale $69.90, After Sale $108.95

I can confidently say that Franco Sarto is my downright favorite shoe designer. They’re well made, affordable and classic. I need a workhorse pair of shoes that can go with dresses and pants and share the spotlight with my favorite oxfords purchased from a street sale at a Clarks in Ireland.


‘Breck’ Faux Leather Moto Jacket, cupcakes and cashmere, Sale $96.90, After Sale $145

As a long-time fan of the blog, I haven’t yet indulged in buying any of Emily’s clothing line. A black faux leather jacket can be dressed up or dressed down and I’ve been searching high and low for one for forevs. I want to pull the trigger on this one because of the shoulder detailing and lack of zippers on the sleeves (my pet peeve!).


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I Want All These Beauty Editor Hair Miracles

It’s taken me most of my adult life to figure out my hair’s behavior. As a youth, I straightened it daily because wearing it naturally curly looked like an electrocution accident side effect. Nowadays I straighten my hair maybe once a month. Curly is no longer a hindrance; it’s a part of my style and I love it.

My hair demands moisture, frizz control, and (due to a recent salon visit) color protection. It prefers creams and gels over sprays, which don’t tend to bring enough hold to the table. I’m always eager to purchase a new-to-me product that fulfills all or one of my demands.

I frequent Refinery29 as my go-to for curations of beauty products and this collection is one of my favorites. They pooled 76 hair products from beauty editors and these are my favorites for my mane and coincidentally appeared in multiple beauty editors’ lists.


Spasilk 100% Pure Silk Facial Beauty Pillowcase, $19.99, available at Amazon

Promising to “reduce any friction to [hair] and prevent breakage,” I have  read that silk pillowcases are beneficial for your skin as well. Yes, please!


R+Co Gemstone Color Shampoo, $24, available at R+Co

I bought this almost immediately after reading the R29 article. Not often do I notice an immediate effect following a first use but…spoiler alert: I felt a noticable difference as I was applying product to my damp tresses. I’m looking forward to getting more from this jazzy brand.



Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil, $69, available at Shu Uemura

The transformative hair product combo for my ringets is cream + oil. Right now I use Morroccanoil Smoothing Lotion + Treatment Original and virtually every hair day is a good one. But since I’m ready to try something new as soon as the bottle is empty, I plan to delve into Shu Uemura with this luxorious number.


Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000, $300, available at Dermstore

Far and away the most expensive of hair care purchase investment in my consideration set, I’ve consistenly read that those who own claim that it is life-altering. Reasons to believe include drastically shortening drying time, reduced energy consumption, and lightweight ergonomic cuteness (coined that last one myself). I’d also purchase the diffuser attachment to make all my hair drying dreams come true.

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Les Oils

Face Oils

After reading about face oils on various blogs, I have three go-to’s that my skin loves. Initially hesitant they would make my combination skin more oily, I was surprised after the first week when nothing bad happened, but rather I saw improvement. My face was brighter and more hydrated.

Going one step further, I was encouraged by my esthetician to strip my other daily face products of fragrances and other unseemly chemicals all while not paying any more that I did prior to the switch. I got a gold star at my last facial so I am way on board the au naturale train.

Josie Moran – 100% Pure Argan Oil: My first foray into oils! I mix one to two drops in with my moisturizer and CC cream in the morning on especially dry, cold days. It keeps me perfectly supple. Also a great add to rub on cuticles.

Caudile – Divine Oil: I use this the same way as the argan oil, but on a more daily basis. This one I accidentally used more than one drop and I was pretty shiny. A little goes a long, long way for me. When used in the right amount, it gives me a divine glow. Not only that but it smells divine. Okay, I’m done.

Andalou Naturals – Natural Glow Brightening (Whole Foods): This is the first oil I apply right after cleansing in the morning and at night. I follow it with sunscreen then moisturizer + CC + Divine Oil in the AM or eye cream + night moisturizer. It’s great for layering with other products.

I always look forward to finishing a bottle to try a new one. Once you pop you can’t stop and all that.

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Spring Staples

As the mercurial spring weather in Chicago begins to stabilize, I’m looking forward to adding a few new items to my closet. (Truth be told I’m always looking forward to adding things to my closet. I’m looking so far forward my neck is part giraffe. Example: vetting potential dresses for a friend’s wedding in September)

My spring aesthetic is, in one word, relaxed. Less fussy pieces mean I am more likely to get out the door on time, or at least that is my fervent hope. Right? Here are the top three pieces that will at least get me started.

Nasty Gal Relaxed TrenchTaking my inspo from Carrie in her regrettable (but ultimately not question mark) elevator hook up with Big, I would love to have an easy trench to navigate the first outdoor farmer’s market or to brunch with the gals. And as if I needed to give myself more proof of its usefulness, Emily has one too. (Two SATC references in one sentence. Did you catch them?)

Culotte Shorts

I don’t own a pair of shorts. Until literally today. I’ve abstained for many years preferring  skirts and dresses to showing my sprinter’s thighs. But there’s something about culotte shorts that have made me a believer. I see them as being simple to dress up or dress down.

D'orsay Flats


I became possessed one morning with the notion that I had to own a pair of black leather d’orsay flats. There was no other possible combination that I would be able to purchase. Lucky for me I was able to scoop up a pair that met my hyper-specific needs and move on with my life.

This week is promising more sun shine than last. My heart flutters thinking about the first iced caramel macchiato of the season that pairs perfectly with the weather and, coincidentally, all my outfits.

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The Better Than Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever

Chocolate Chip Cookie

I will have you know that I am very hesitant to share this recipe. I have been telling people I have the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve ever made ever and my world is different because of it but I have not shared it with anyone. And it’s not like it’s a secret. It’s on one of the most popular cooking blogs out there, Averie Cooks.

What makes these so special, you might ask? Well, they are supremely soft because of the cream cheese. Cream cheese, you might exclaim! Yes, that’s right. Not an everyday cookie ingredient but it makes rainbows in your mouth.

I’m a firm believer in following the recipe, from letting the dough sit overnight to turning the pan in the oven at four minutes and leaving in for another five. I, too, used a combination of chocolate chips using some regular morsels paired with chunks of milk chocolate that my parents brought back from a recent French holiday.

My only annotation would be to let the cookies cool completely before consuming. Personally I thought they had more depth of flavor room temp. Yes, “depth of flavor.” This is serious!

There are only three left from this last batch I made on Saturday and you can bet that I’ll be brewing up another just as soon as they’re gone. I can’t handle the goodness.

I am supremely curious to know if anyone else shares my deep-seeded feelings on this cookie. I beg of you to try it.

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Elevated Entryway

Now that I am a pseudo-homeowner (c/o my landlords, Mom and Dad), I have the wonderful advantage of styling my abode without the looming question mark of, “Will I have to move again next year?” This new existence allows me to curate and cultivate a space that is truly reflective of myself. And also I just really love nesting and buying things.

Much like Alex and Simon (yeah, you know who they are), I needed to live in my home before I could accurately assess what I wanted to put into it. It’s been almost eight months and it feels like the time has come. But until my grandpa wins the lottery, I have to check myself by updating one room at a time.

First stop is the entryway with two of my favorite “pinspirations” (from here and here). I am having fun exploring tricks and hacks of living on a smaller scale. There are a few things I want to incorporate into my entryway that seem essential.

Elevated Entryway

Elevated EntrywayI may have found my perfect mirror and am entertaining the idea of some temporary wallpaper. Looking forward to a before and after later this month!

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My New Favorite Thing: K-Cup Cappuccino


The product breadth and depth of the humble K-Cup has expanded exponentially over the years. I peruse the selection whenever I visit a store that carries them to stay current on the K-Cup innovation frontier.

I stopped in my tracks when I happened upon a new line from Gevalia. The cappuccino variety practically leapt off the shelf into my basket. As I proudly carried it home, I secretly prayed that it would replace my beloved Gloria Jean’s Cappuccino Coffee K-Cup, which was unceremoniously discontinued (RIP) forcing me to sketchily buy a few boxes off eBay – potential poisoning be damned.

Thankfully I do not have to crawl back to eBay because my dreams came true. This simple two-step process creates a most wonderful morning experience. The foam is enough to convince you for a few minutes that it might actually be Saturday.

Now I can truthfully say that a cappuccino saved my life. (Though I have bought pumpkin spice Pop-Tarts from Amazon so can I really say I learned any sort of lesson?)

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